• Pups running for dinner, timelapse style

    Golden retriever cheese pups Colby and Bleu make the run for dinner over the course of about 9 months. Watch them grow!

  • Smart Monkeys

    In the Brazilian Cerrado, a National Geographic explorer is studying how bearded capuchin monkeys learned to expertly use stone tools to crack open palm nuts.

  • Funny animal videos

    Animals are just the best at making us laugh! Nobody can resist laughing while watching funny animals! They make us laugh with their funny behavior,...

  • Bear locks itself in car

    People in Jeffco, USA, are baffled as to HOW a bear entered AND locked itself inside a vehicle. No windows were broken. The door handles...

  • Elephants

    Learn all about elephants and how you can help them!

  • Jessica the Hippo raised by Humans

    Jessica may not be a baby hippo anymore, but that doesn’t stop her from enjoying a bottle of her favorite tea, sleeping on the porch...

  • Noah’s Ark

    Take a journey with our Answers in Genesis drone from I-75 in Williamstown, KY to the paved, four thousand-car parking lot, up the tram road,...

  • Cute Owl Compilation

    An owl is cute and funny. Owls are awesome. Check out these funny owls and cute owls in this funny and cute owl videos compilation.

  • Millipede vs Centipede

    Want to know what the difference is between a Millipede and a Centipede? It’s more than just the number of legs each has …..

  • Crabs Migrate off Coast of Australia

    Every year as the waters cool on the southern shores, hundreds of thousands of Giant Spider crabs find their way up on the sandy shallows...