Guess the Kiwi Brand Challenge


How often do you judge something or someone by how they appear on the outside, without taking the time to discover what is on the inside? You may have heard the saying ‘Don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ , what that means is we can easily make judgements based on what we see or from a brief interaction with someone, when the truth is we can’t always form a correct opinion about someone without spending time getting to know them first. In the ‘Guess the Kiwi Brand Challenge’, Stubaka and Nikipedia face-off as they blind taste similar products and have to make a judgement about which one they think a kiwi brand. Who will be the ultimate winner? Will Stubaka be able to stand proud as a kiwi or will Nikipedia , who didn’t grow up here in NZ take all?

Hi, my name is Rachel. I am the chief editor's better half. I am a part-time pharmacist, full time mum of three kids. I love running, going to the gym and crafts.