Lego Master Builder Challenge


If you have ever been given a task and it has been made more challenging by a limitation you have, you are not alone! Sometimes we have things to do that are made harder because we are missing all the helpful tools we need, or, because something has been taken away. In those times, you need to be creative and think a little bit outside of the box, working with what you have.
In this challenge we find out who is the ‘Lego Master Builder’ out of Stubaka and Just Ty. They are given a Lego quiz, and the loser gets a disadvantage in the next building phase. Just when you think the twists are over….in comes a Llama!!??!! Watch Stubaka and Just Ty use their creativity as they build their way through the Lego Master Builder Challenge. Who do YOU think was more creative?

Hi, my name is Rachel. I am the chief editor's better half. I am a part-time pharmacist, full time mum of three kids. I love running, going to the gym and crafts.