Underwater nerf gun battle

Today Carter Sharer, Liz and I (Stephen Sharer) went to Deep Creek Lake, Maryland for an awesome summer family vacation. We stayed in a huge log cabin by the lake that even had a pool in the house! We decided to go to the pool and play around with the Nerf Guns! The water was so warm and refreshing. Carter brought his nerf guns and he tried shooting the nerf darts at the pool water to see if he could make it skip across the water. It was super awesome to watch the Nerf darts fly though the air and hit the water in slow motion. Liz then fired the Nerf Gun at the pool to see if she could skip the nerf darts on the water. Liz has a really good shot and it was super epic to see the Nerf dart skip on the water. Carter then came up with the idea to see if he could fire the nerf dart underwater. So he grabbed the Nerf Cycloneshock and jumped in the pool. He held his breath and dunked himself and the Nerf Cycloneshock gun underwater. Then he tried to fire the Nerf gun and see how the dart would travel underwater.

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