Make an Emoji Eraser

Stu teaches you how to make an emoji eraser from silicon, paint, and cornflour in just 3 minutes!

Hydraulic Press v Toy Challenge

Ever wonder how strong your toys really are?! Lyds puts everyday toys to the CRUSH TEST! Will they survive?

Make a Jacob’s Ladder

The Floor is Lava Challenge

Can Lyds navigate the obstacle course and find the trophies? Sounds easy ... but THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

Make your own bracelet

Clash of Opinions

Lyds puts common opinions to the test in today's challenge! KFC VS Maccas! Hot VS cold! Pineapple or pizza or not?! Find out what...

Make a soda drink dispenser // 3 Minute Do

100 bottles of cola vs 100 packets of mentos Challenge

Lyds puts cola and mentos to the test in this fizzzzzy challenge! Will she create the biggest explosion or will it end up in...

Escape the Chair Challenge

Lyds' is all tied up! Can she find a way to escape the chair or will she get stuck forever?

Find your way home challenge