Pinterest Fail Challenge – Blello


Have you ever set out to do something feeling confident and it turned out to be an EPIC FAIL? How did you respond? Did you give up trying anything else again? Did you become negative and throw a wobbly? Or did you respond with humility and admit ‘hey, I wasn’t that great at achieving the perfect result, but I learnt some stuff along the way!’.
How about starting a task that you KNOW you are going to fail at? Have you done that? In this Pintrest Fail Challenge Stubaka and Nikipedia are given the challenge to decorate a cake and to make it look like it does in the picture they are given – and they only have 30 minutes to do it. From the start they know they are not going to achieve the results that they would like, but do they give up? Take a look and see how they respond to the challenge, and see how they decide that it is OK to fail!