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  • Kid sings Aussie Anthem with hiccups

    7-year-old Ethan battled through the hiccups to perform perhaps the greatest rendition of the Australian national anthem EVER SEEN. His reaction after the song is...

  • Amazing domino tricks

    I can barely put 10 or 20 dominos together without them falling over. Imagine how long it would take to put this following video together....

  • Chocolate ball melts in 3-minutes

    We’ve had a pretty mild summer in New Zealand. During a heatwave in Australia one man in Melbourne got his camera out to show exactly...

  • Milky Way photobombed by Aurora Borealis

    This amazing time-lapsed photography shows the Milky Way and Aurora Boralis. AMAZING!!!! By the way – this is a silent video.

  • Birds on a wire

    This is a hilarious short cartoon clip made by PIXAR.

  • Hammer Tricks

    Is your dad a builder or construction worker? Can he do these amazing tricks with a hammer?

  • Fireworks ladder to heaven

    “Sky Ladder,” a 500 metre high pyrotechnic artwork by Cai Guoqiang, a Chinese contemporary artist currently living and working in New York City. Cai is...

  • Watermelon Boy

    At the Melbourne, Australia cricket game, a boy eats a whole watermelon! Twitter in Australia was trending #watermelonboy Read more at Student Articles by Asa...

  • Fireworks over Lima

    Lima, capital of Peru, is a huge city. Almost 9 million people live there. Watch this amazing fly over video of fireworks being set off...

  • Little Girl Loves to Fart

    These adorable twins love to fart. Check out their very cute reactions.