• Noah’s Ark

    Take a journey with our Answers in Genesis drone from I-75 in Williamstown, KY to the paved, four thousand-car parking lot, up the tram road,...

  • Cute Owl Compilation

    An owl is cute and funny. Owls are awesome. Check out these funny owls and cute owls in this funny and cute owl videos compilation.

  • Millipede vs Centipede

    Want to know what the difference is between a Millipede and a Centipede? It’s more than just the number of legs each has …..

  • Crabs Migrate off Coast of Australia

    Every year as the waters cool on the southern shores, hundreds of thousands of Giant Spider crabs find their way up on the sandy shallows...

  • Lion Tries to Eat Toddler Through Glass

    Camera catches zoo lion lunging at toddler and face-planting on glass wall.

  • Talking Parrot

    This is parrot is so cool! He makes the best sound effects and talks up a storm! What an awesome pet!

  • Kittens Loving Music

    When Malaysian singer Jass Pangkor was singing his final song, something magical happened. Four little kittens appeared out of nowhere and settled down to hear...

  • Angry Ram in Forest

    The Angry Ram can’t resist a good ramming session.

  • Be More Dog

    Check out this hilarious O2 commercial where a cat discovers it’s better to be a bit more dog.

  • Fireman saves kitten on GoPro

    Fireman Cory Kalanick rescues an unconscious kitten from a burning house filled with smoke.